My life is random
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My life is random

All the best parts of my life are due to pure chance. From life-changing relationships to the closest friends, it’s all completely random.

Sometimes I think back to some of the single actions that ended up changing my life forever.

That time I danced on a specific side of a room and met a cute girl that I ended up dating for four years. Or that time I pushed myself to attend a dinner I wasn’t looking forward to and met a mentor that changed my entire perspective on how companies should be run.

I even met a good friend through whois when I was trying to buy a domain-name he owned. That friend would later introduce me to my co-founder and many of the key people in my life. What if I'd bought a different domain? Or hadn’t offered him brunch as payment? My life would be substantially different that’s for sure.

It can be scary prospect, the idea that one’s life is random and that you may have very little control over the best parts of it; but I personally find it exhilarating. I’ve found that the best approach is to acknowledge the randomness and then embrace it full heartedly. While you can't control random events, what you can control is creating space in your life for randomness. Get out of bed, be positive, keep putting yourself in interesting situations, and great things will happen.

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