The Beginning of Infinity
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The Beginning of Infinity

It's easy to be nihilistic. You might even try to claim that it's rational to be nihilistic. Just look up. There are a hundred billion stars in a hundred billion galaxies (that we know of!). What are we but a spec of dust? And don't get me started on entropy...

I certainly went through a bit of phase. And then, one day, I read a book and everything changed. That book was The Beginning of Infinity by David Deutsch.

Well I say 'one day', but actually it took me forever to read. Eventually I managed to finish it during a month-long sail across the Atlantic, where I had no internet to distract me. Let's just say... the book's dense. But the ideas inside - mind blowing.

Rather than get into the book here, I've created a whole website around it with my notes: Please go read at your leisure.

As an aside, the web app I've created to browse the book is my first foray into a larger project around shortening none-fiction books by publishing high-level cliff notes. This will tie into my note-editing company, Reflect. But more on that later...

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